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Ball Mill

Capacity : Tailor made to customers requirement.
Steel Mills are jacketed and require water cooling. They are especially used for manufacture Automotive Blacks, where high degree of Jettness (blackness) is required. Other products that require this mill are Non Sanding primer surfacers, fast drying oil primers for Automotives & Industrials primers where high degree of dispersion and particle size reduction is required.

It is a superior crushing & dispersing machine which offers wide range of
obtainable particle sizes of material to be dispersed. It is a closed system for production of stable products without contamination and variation in blending parameters during operation. Ball Mill
For Pebble Mill : (Natural / Flint / Steatite / Ceramic)
Ball charge is 50% by volume appaABFtly visible which comprises of 30% by volume of balls and 20% by volume of voids (Space between balls).

Pebble Mills can be Ceramic lined to obtain cleaner and brighter shades in products.
The dispersion is obtained by cascading effect i.e. rolling of the balls on each other from a particular angle (specified). To minimize wear & tear of the drum / shell lifter bars are deployed which also helps in dispersion efficiency.

Pebble mills are used for Wood Primers, Cement Primers, Redoxide Primers, Flat paints, Cement paints and Matt / Semiglossy finishes of Solvent base paints.
Capacity : Tailor made to customers requirement.
ball mill
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