High Shear Emulsifier Mixer Specifics:

High Speed Emulsifying Mixer

Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
Brand Name: ABSTER Power: Electric
Model Number: ABSTER-175 Application: Food Industry
Voltage: 380V – 415V
Detailed Application: Flavor Emulsion
Motor Power: 15KW IS-Customed: Yes


Product Description:

High shear mixer disperses one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible. A rotor together with a stator is used either in a tank containing the solution to be mixed, or in a pipe through which the solution passes, to create shear. The products could be widely applied in cosmetics,food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint& ink industry etc. Four types of different stators are suited to different working conditions.



Pollution-free to materials;

Good and stable emulsions and shear performance;

Lower energy consumption;

All wetted parts are grade 304 or 316 stainless steel;

Quick opening for easy cleaning;

Mechanical seal for sanitary operation;


Emulsifying Mixer Application:

A typical flavor emulsion contains water, essential oils, emulsifiers and stabilizers such as gum arabic. Two of the most difficult mixing problems are hydration of gums and thickeners. and agglomerates. Sometimes partially hydrated material can build up on the vessel walls. The high speed rotation of the rotor can create a powerful suction, which can dissolve the ingredients rapidly. ABSTER is your first and best choice for high shear mixing.


Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


1. What kind of material do you want to process?

2. What’s the capacity?

3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


Technical Parameter:

Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Capacity(l) Standard Length(mm)
Abster-90 1.5 2800 10~50 350
Abster-100 2.2 50~100 650
Abster-110 3 50-100 800
Abster-120 4 100~200 750
Abster-130 5.5 200-600 900
Abster-140 7.5 200~800 900
Abster-160 11 500~1500 1050
Abster-165 13 500-1500 1100-1300
Abster-175 15 600-1800 1100-1300
Abster-180 18.5 600~2000 1200
Abster-200 22 1400 800~2500 1200
Abster-220 30 1000~3500 1355
Abster-240 45 1500~5000 1395
Abster-270 55 2000~8000 1600
Abster-290 75 3000~10000 1650


Different Types of Work-head:

different types of workhead


Notes During Installation:

1, The machine of machine length (L) size for the standard length, if must be extended or shorten will be separately with manufacturing.

2, The best position selection of mechanical length for emulsification box slot in effective liquid surface 60% for best deeply.

3, Emulsifying machine please reference: the selected capacity, the viscosity, the processing time, reaction temperature, purpose, address the company business department.

4, Emulsifying machine ba-alloyed bearing the water since embellish type bearings, forbidden liquid below the water bearings with, to avoid creating start-up equipment bearing damaged.

5, Correct parameters to provide the kind prevail, data such as are subject to change without prior notice.



1, The emulsifier finished work should be promptly cleaned, immerse the work head into clear water or organic solvent, start the emulsifier to remove the retentive completely.

2, A long time not in use, you can disassemble the work head, drain the water, add lubricating grease in the sliding bearing.

3, The mixing head is strictly prohibited running out of the materials, so as not to damage the bearing.

high shear emulsifier mixer