High speed homogenizer

High Speed Homogenizer Description

High speed homogeniser can be used for high speed dispersion, homogenization of high viscous liquid or pasty material.

The mixing shaft is supported by heavy duty bearing housing and Teflon bush at the bottom for vibration free performance. The Tie bars are also provided for extra rigidity and trouble free performance. The homogenizer is complete with standard electric motor. 3phase 220V, 380 V and flame proof construction is available as per requirement.

The contact parts are manufactured from SS 304/ SS316/ SS316L
construction as per requirement. The high speed homogenisers can be manufactured as per GMP norms for pharmaceuticals or Bio

Two different speeds are available 2800 and 1400 rpm for various application and volume. Different types of impeller like saw tooth
cutter, stator – rotor are used for various dispersing application.

Different mounting arrangements like flange mount, hanger mount are available. The mixers can be mounted on specially designed heavy
duty fabricated lifting lowering stand for ease of operation.


It consist of a positive displacement pump that forces liquid into the valve area at high pressure As the product is forced through the adjustable gap, its velocity increases tremendously.

The emerging product then strikes on the impact ring Homogenization requires the ingredients to be processed until a uniform globule or particle size. For most products, including creams, ointments, sauces, flavoring emulsions and pharmaceutical suspensions, this requires a globule or droplet size in the range of 2 – 5 microns

Functions of High Shear Emulsifying Machine

The high shear emulsifying machine is a kind of multifunctional mixing and stirring mechanical equipment. we can help you to customize the machine based on your own needs. There may be different production requirements in different industries. Hence customized high shear emulsifying machines become very necessary. You can select such functions as high-speed mixing, refining materials, dissolving raw materials, homogeneous dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and more in order to meet the manufacture requirements of enterprises to a greater extent. High Shear Emulsifying Machine can be extensively applied in a lot of fields, especially fine chemical engineering, food processing industry, chemical fertilizer industry, biological medicine industry, daily-use chemical industry, petrochemical engineering and university research and development institution, which shows that the machine is of great importance.

In terms of functions of the high shear emulsifying mixer, they are concluded as mixing and stirring, dispersing, dispersing and mixing, emulsifying, and homogenizing.

1. Mixing and Stirring

The modes of stirring can be customized in accord with customers’ demands. They include anchor paddle mixing, impeller stirring, turbine agitating, propeller agitating, or gate paddle agitating. Of course, you can combine different stirring modes together. This function is appropriate for making syrup, shampoo, scrubbing solution, fruit juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed dairy products, printing ink, porcelain glaze, etc.


The mechanical dispersion of the high speed homogenizer is very suitable for the preparation and de-polymerization of suspension liquid, pill coatings, drugs, coatings, lipsticks, vegetable soup, mustard mixtures, catalysts, flatting agents, metal, pigments, modified asphalt and nanometre materials. Under the function of dispersing, they will have even and amazing dispersing effect.

Dispersing and Mixing

The high shear homogenizer machine is also good at dissolving methyl cellulose, plastic mass, carbide and stabilizers, premixing oil-water emulsification, and manufacturing flavorings, smoke, salt, aluminum oxide, pesticides, etc.


The emulsifying function contributes to producing medicine emulsion, ointments, vanishing cream, masks, cream, emulsion flavors, oil-water emulsification, emulsified asphalt, resin emulsification, wax emulsification, waterborne polyurethane emulsification, pesticides, etc.


The homogenizing function is mainly used in manufacturing medicine emulsion, cosmetic emulsion, ointments, vanishing cream, mask liquid, cream, tissue homogeneity, dairy homogeneity, fruit juice, printing ink, fruit syrup, etc.