High Shear Dispersing Machine a compound machine which combines the function of mixing, dispersing, fining, homogenizing, and emulsifying. Its invention is a revolution in mixing industry. It solves the problem that carried with the traditional machines, enhances the productivity and is applied intensively in chemical engineering food and pharmacy industries.Applicable medium Liquor and Liquor, Liquor and Solid.

Material Suction

High speed rotation pump wheel athe top of the basket generates strong suction force and vortex flow, which absorbes materials into the basket (Grinding Chamber)  INTRODUCTION-TO-BASKET-MILL-2  Grinding System  Pump wheel suck materials into the basket(Grinding Chamber) Superfine grinding discs rotates at high spee, Circulation generates high efficiency grinding and dispersion mixing system, without grinding deed zone. Superfinegrinding result will be achieved within a short time.

Superfine Grinding  – Grinding beads with high hardness accelerated by the high speed rotation rod runs ruthlessly which grinds the materials into fine particles with high efficiency.


High speed rotation dispersing discs generates vertex flow and absorbes materials out from the basket(grinding chamber) and the mille materials are absorbed by the pump wheel from the top into the grinding chamber again, excellent fluid circulation forms. High speed rotation dispersing disc can also achieve obvious dispersion mixing effects.