1. Abster Machinery acrylic resin reactor owns a relatively advanced technical level in the industry. The product is highly automatic and controllable
2. The product can save the business owners from losing hundreds of dollars from simple mistakes such as miskeying item codes or misremembering prices. The product can greatly contribute to production efficiency
3. A feasible and flexible chemical making machine design has been a prominent characteristic of this product. The product is extremely resistant to corrosion

Resin production equipment is a combination of reaction kettles and ancillary equipment selected according to the process requirements. Abster Equipment have accumulated 20 years of resin equipment production experience and have strong production and design capabilities, which can provide users with alkyd resins and polyester resins. Unsaturated polyester resin. Epoxy resin. Acrylic resin,(PU) amino resin, curing agent, hot melt glue, binder, Silicon oil, light oil and other projects of the engineering design, setting alternative guidance, equipment processing, equipment installation and other key engineering. Relying on the Internet of Things system, real-time monitoring of the operation of each device, ensure safe and efficient production, daily form of reports, factory operations, at a glance, really realize the factory intelligent, digital.

The pan and lid are sealed by flange.

The lower part of the pot has a feeding hole, and there is a blender in the pot. The boiler cover has process tube holes such as feed, stirring, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, Steam extraction fractional, and safe emptying.

The upper part of the lid is fitted with a speed reducer and an electric motor. The drive shaft drives the pot mixer, and the shaft seal device is on the top of the lid.

Heating CLIP sleeve with open into, discharge oil(steam), temperature measurement, air, electric heat rod and other takeover holes. Due to the fact that the user has different production processes and operating conditions, the pot cover process is perforated and the stirring type(pulp type, anchor type, frame type, spiral type, etc.) is used. Support type(suspension or support type) and packing sealing device and other different requirements, can be contacted, separately designed, specially prepared.

Technical Specifications
Reactor Vertical condenser Horizontal condenser Separator
Specification (L) Distill column size (mm) Packing area (m³) Cooling area (㎡) Size (mm) Cooling area (㎡) Size (L) Volume (L)
300 Φ159*560 0.01 0.22 Φ219*1000 2.4 Φ410*450 60
500 Φ159*750 0.015 0.29 Φ219*1500 3.6 Φ410*450 60
1000 Φ194*800 0.025 0.62 Φ273*1500 5 Φ410*450 60
1500 Φ194*850 0.025 0.62 Φ267*2000 6.5 Φ410*450 60
2000 Φ219*1000 0.035 1.0 Φ325*2000 8 Φ600*600 150
3000 Φ273*1100 0.058 1.2 Φ325*2000 10 Φ600*600 150
5000 Φ273*1200 0.065 1.5 Φ377*2000 15 Φ700*750 300
8000 Φ325*1500 0.065 4 Φ426*2000 20 Φ700*750 300
10000 Φ325*1800 0.07 5 Φ426*3000 30 Φ700*750 300
15000 Φ377*1800 0.08 6 Φ450*3000 40 Φ800*750 500
20000 Φ377*1800 0.08 6 Φ450*3000 50 Φ800*750 500
25000 Φ377*2000 0.12 10 Φ455*3000 60 Φ800*750 500
30000 Φ377*2500 0.12 10 Φ475*3000 80 Φ800*750 500

Acrylic resin reactor

Acrylic resin reactor