Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Medicine productions worldwide are subjected to absolute highest standards regarding to safety, cleanliness and re-produceability. All of Abster machines for versatile applications in the field of solid products manufacturer are developed and implemented comply with complex body of rules and regulations governing laboratory and production lines. A customer-oriented conception of our machines and facilities is as naturally as a strict compliance with GMP design requirements.

Pharmaceutical industry is the highest standard one as important as food or even more. No cross pollution, no dead space, smooth without edge and high quality components using is necessary for mixer machines. Complex process in pharma including mixing, sieving, drying, tabletting and coating requires high demand on processing machines.

According to different process, following mixers can meet customer requirement for various applications. Vortex also pay highly attention to mixer design comply with GMP and FDA guidlines.

Application Pharma
– Basic Pharmaceutical Material
– Medicine Medium Material
– Excipients / Active Agents
– Active Agents
– Moist Product

– Tablets
– Capsules
– Pellets
– Crystals
– Granules
– Particles