Abster equipment Mixing Technology provides precision mixing and high standard design in food production based on our comprehensive experience in the construction of mixer machines. Our mixers compliance with international regulation for food grade and hygienic design according to customer’s requirement and product specification from experience of after-sales service feedbacks.

In Mixer design and fabrication, high grade smooth polish (Ra 0.4), no dead space, easy clean is essential and important to food customers. So, we use this knowledge in our mixers no matter plough share mixer, ribbon mixer, paddle mixer, conical mixer and vertical ribbon mixer. According to different food product specification and different customers’ requirement, Vortex can provide the exact mixers that customers want and also think ahead what customers need next.

Besides conventional mixing process, additional processes like drying, coating, reacting is necessary in food industry which is possible in Vortex mixing system.

Batch Mixing
Abster™ mixers has set high standard for mixing process technology. We guarantee homogeneous and precision mixing within minimum mixing time. For example: plough shear mixer has shovels as mixing element in special arrangement on horizontal shaft in a cylindrical drum. The specially shaped shovels lift the product radially from the wall of drum to prevent particles from being squashed.

Drying and Coating Mixing
For some food product with moisture, customers want it to be dried in mixing vessel. During process, the mixer will be vacuum to extract vapor out from inside via vacuum pump. Moreover, the coating of pellets is possible via liquid spraying nozzle.

Applications Foodstuff
– instant, dried soups
– oven-ready flour mixes with addition of fat and lecithin
– spices and table salts
– flavorings and seasoning
– instant drinks dry and with aroma
– coffee and tea extracts
– dietary supplement
– tobacco
– sweets / chocolate / candy
– milk / whey powder / baby food
– muesli, cereals
– enzymes / bread improver
– cheese / cheese spread ingredients

Food additives is a kind of chemical synthetic or natural substances used to improve food quality, extend shelf life food, make the food processing convenient and increase food nutrition composition. 

attention to the research and development of safety and healthy food additive, provide high skilled equipment and contract service for the food additive industry, products comply with GMP requirements. Varieties include all kinds of food additives such as preservative, nutrition enhancer, bleach, coloring agent, emulsifying agent, thickener, acidity regulator, sweeteners etc..