Rapid Mixer Granulator

The Rapid Mixer Granulator was used in pharmaceutical Industry and it is used to mix the pharmaceutical ingredients and make the granules. It is a part of Wet Granulation before Compression & Capsule Filling. It is also called high shear mixer.

Different parts of RMG :

RMG having different parts like Impeller, Chopper, Discharge port, Pneumatic system and control panel etc….

Impeller :

Dome with Impeller and Chopper

At the bottom of the dome shaped stainless steel bowl Impellers are fixed with two half-length blades and two full length blades. Impeller is designed in such a way that full length blades push the material and half-length blade lift the material. Impeller helps to break the wet mass into small pieces and granules.

Chopper :

Chopper has very sharp small blades which are specially designed to cut the wet lumps of material into very small parts which are then mixed by impellers. It is located at bottom of the dome and the size of the granules is totally depends on the speed of the chopper. Chopper blades rotates at a high speed 1500 to 3000 RPM.

Discharge port :

Discharge port is used to unload the container filled with granules. It is located at the bottom of the dome and opening of discharge port is operated by pneumatic cylinder, a compressed air regulated cylinder.

Pneumatic system :

This system is used for operating the discharge valve air purging of chopper drive and the impeller drive to avoid cross contamination. The system also contains air filter pressure gauge and other pipes and pneumatic fittings.

Control Panel :

The Control panel is mounted on the platform and has On/Off, fast, slow, and auto/manual controls. There are a timer, indicator lights, controls for discharge opening / closing, ammeter/voltmeter for motors, air regulator and pressure gauge, air filter, and PLC control panel (optional).

Working principle of RMG :

  • After Loading the ingredients in the RMG the formation of granules occurs by the impeller which sets the entire mixture in a spinning tumbling motion which results in distribution of all dry granules as well as Wet granules.
  • The large lumps formed during wet mixing are broken up by the chopper and during the addition of Binder solution both the Impeller and chopper are operated at slow speed.
  • After formation of Wet mass the speed of Impeller and chopper are operated at High speed to obtain the required size of Granules.
  • Then the wet granules can be discharged with the impeller running through the outlet located on the side of the mixing bowl flush to the bottom.

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