The plastics industry produces and processes artificially produced materials like plastics, silicone or synthetic resins. It is part of the chemical industry and can be divided into three main fields: production of plastics, processing of plastics and plastics engineering. The plastics industry supplies innovative products and solutions for important industrial fields, like automotive and engineering industry, packaging industry, electrical engineering and construction industry. Its innovative products and solutions are indispensable in our life. In order to remain competitive despite increasing requirements and changing market conditions, the efficiency of the processing methods will be more and more important in the future. Especially the use of new technologies for material transformation provides innovational potential. Processing and mixing of the various materials plays a central role.

Depending on application and demand, both horizontal and vertical mixers, bath or continuously working are applied in the plastics industry. Following complex processes with various applications are used in plastics field.
– Polimerization
– Mixing
– Dispersing
– Emulsifying
– Compounding
– Coating
– Heating/cooling
– Melting

Applications for Plastic
– Bitumen
– PE
– Rubber
– Powder injecting moulding
– Adhensive