Distemper Manufacturing Machine

Distemper Manufacturing Machine

Powder Emulsion Paint Dispersion Dispersing Mixer Machine with CE

The serrated circular blade of the dispersion plate rotates at a high speed so that materials flip up and down intensely in the container, and are impacted and sheared by the blade.

As a result, the aggregate is destroyed to rapid dispersion,homogeneous mixing,and fast dissolution.

The user could control its working speed by adjusting box or frequency converter.

The latter is a little expensive than the former.

This Distemper Manufacturing Machine equipment stirs, dissolves and disperses the liquid or liquid – solid materials at a high speed, to complete the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization, and stabilization.

The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted (electromagnetic speed control and frequency speed control), and the speed range is 80-1250 rev / min.

The medium speed is used to stir and dissolve, and the high speed to disperse into homogenization.

The main motor is the speed control motor.

1. Lifting Method: Mechanical lifts or Hydraulic lifts

2. Motor Type: electromagnetic speed control motor
frequency control motor (for water-based paint)
explosion-proof frequency control motor (for oil-based paint)


Widely used in mixing, dispersing and dissolving liquid and solid including paint, pigment, ink, pesticide, dye, resin, food etc


Model: mechanical lift, hydraulic lift

Mixer shaft: single shaft, double shaft

Motor power:1.1KW-45KW

Material:SUS304 stainless steel / SUS316L staineless steel

Stepless frequency converter supplies various rotation rate for different grinding material

Ex-proof system can be customized as requirement

Holding clamp: device can be set for the vessel as per your need.

Mixing tank: custom-made Including single layer& double jacket(with cooling, heating, vacuum system or not) open-top type, sealed type; flat-bottom, round-bottom, cone-bottom; flat lid, round lid etc..