Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixer

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  • This article on Double Planetary Mixer details the design, construction and operation of double planetary mixer commonly used for mixing of high viscosity materials. The industrial application for which double planetary mixer is used
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 Double Planetary Mixer details the design, construction and operation of double planetary mixer commonly used for mixing of high viscosity materials. The industrial application for which double planetary mixer is used are listed.

Media : Solid Powders, Dough, Viscous Pastes

Mode of Operation : Batch Mixing

Double Planetary Mixer – Design & Operation

Mixing Vessel – The double planetary mixer consists of a vertical cylindrical vessel (referred to as the bowl) within which two mixing blades (referred to as beaters) rotate. The double planetary mixer belongs to the family of change can mixers. In change can mixers; there is a provision to remove the mixing bowl from the mixer assembly either by lowering the bowl from the mixer operating position, or by lifting the mixer drive system. The lifting and lowering is through hydraulic operation. A cylindrical cover is provided between the planetary head and the mixer bowl. Charging nozzles, liquid spray pipes, vacuum connections may be provided on the charging cover.

Mixing Blades – The beaters rotate on their own axes, and at the same time they orbit the mixing vessel around the axis of the bowl. The clearance between the external periphery of the beaters and the internal walls of the bowl is generally in the range of 2 – 3 mm.

Mixer Drive System – The double planetary mixer is powered by a drive system comprising of a motor and gearbox that drive the planetary head assembly of the mixer. The planetary head assembly consists of a gear train that causes the planetary motion of the beaters.

Mixer Seals – The mixer shaft is provided with a sealing arrangement in the area where it exits the planetary head. The mixer seals in a double planetary mixer do not come in contact with the process material.

Material Charging and Discharging – Material is loaded in the bowl directly, or may be charged through nozzles provided on the top cover. Discharge of material is generally through manual scooping of material from the top of the bowl.

Heat Transfer – Double planetary mixers are commonly provided with jackets for circulation of heating or cooling media.

Double Planetary Mixer – Product Description

This Double Planetary Mixer is special suit for powder-high stickiness, high density solubility, mixing, mixing abstraction, reaction procedures. It can be  quipped with various mixing shafts (ex. tortuous-framed mixing shafts, impeller shafts.) according to various procedures and characteristics of stuff.

Product Feature

1. The condition of equipment seal and particular trapeziform seal between tanks can ensure stuffs in the vacuum space for operation.

2. The tanks can be circularly heated up by electricity, steam, water and oil. The particular temperature sensor on transmission shaft can ensure the temperature
tolerance less than +-1°C. Clip coat , bottom clip coat and its inside circular pipe can be brought on cooling.

3. Inner wall of tank is accurately machined by large-sized vertical lathe tool and polished by large-sized automatic polishing machine. In this way, the movable
scraper on the shelf will scrape off all stuffs attaching on inner wall of tank when it is revolving.

4. Inside the tank, the tortuous-framed mixing shafts rotate itself when the tank is rotating. In this way, the stuffs inside the tank will be mixed adequately in
all directions so that stuffs can be well mixed in very short time. Further more, two dispersing units inside the tank revolve itself in high speed when the tank
is revolving so that the stuffs inside the tank can be strongly cut, dispersed and mixed adequately. The mixing efforts are several times than common mixer.

5. The mixing shafts and speedy dispersing units be controlled by the transducer. Its revolving speed can be adjusted according to different procedure and stickiness. The speed testing system will directly display the current revolving speed data of shafts.

Application / Models  Application Range

1. Used in Energy Resource industry:

All kinds of battery slurry and ointment material (Lithium battery, Chrome Nickel battery, hydrogen nickel battery, fuel battery, dynamics battery, button battery,

2. Used in Electronics industry:
Electrode slurry, ceramic slurry, magnetic material, silica gel printing ink, electronic dope, electronic gooey, electronic component seal glue, PVC plastic, thermoplastic, other slurries.

3. Used in Chemistry industry: All kinds of seal glue, mucilage glue, synthetic resin rubber, Silica oil, paint, dope, printing ink, abrasive, lube, waxen product, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, all kinds of powder stuff, ceramic paint.

4. Used in Medicine industry: All kinds of medical ointment, macromolecule gel, capsule, syrup, tooth medicine,

5. Used in Cosmetics & Commodities industry: Skin-care cream, lipstick, lotion, gel, facial mask, eye black, face powder, nail polish, tooth paste, soap
6. Used in Food Process industry:

All kinds of mixture of mash and ointment, condiment, jam, chocolate jam.