Duplex Basket Filter Stainer


Operation of Duplex filters

Unfiltered liquid enters the basket housing and passes down through them. Duplex Basket filters & strainers are normally supplied with nut/bolt arrangement at the top of filter element. This will ensure any type of bypassing & confirm the position of basket, even in case of reverse flow. Fluid bypass around the basket is prevented by an optional O’-Ring seal between the basket rim and the housing inside diameter. The valves provided along with the assembly make sure you get intermittent operation.

Duplex Filter/ Duplex basket strainer/ Duplex cartridge strainer
Abster Filters Abster duplex strainers and duplex filters provide a simple, cost effective way to separate particle impurities from fluid systems. Duplex strainers are ideal for applications where continuous flow must be maintained with no flow interruption for cleaning. These filters are available with basket type strainers as well as cartridge strainers having desirable micron ratings.

These duplex strainers have a butterfly valve that directs flow through either side without shutting off the flow. A valve handle guard shields the side in use. The standard valve handles swings over the inlet port. Special reverse valve handles that swing over the outlet port can also be furnished. An adjustable locking flange holds the valve plug on its seat.

These duplex strainers and duplex filters protect pumps, engines, nozzles, valves, heat exchangers and other expensive pipeline equipment from harmful flow contamination by catching dirt and debris.

Basket strainers feature top removal of the filter screen. The screen is in the form of a basket with a lifting handle, so that all particulate captured and retained by the screen can be easily removed for disposal. They are intended for applications where large amounts of solids particulate are expected and where the clean – out will be frequent.
Where fine filtration is required, the basket is replaced by cartridge filters. During cartridge cleaning or change out, the housing can be cleaned by opening the lower plug.


  • Hand clamps require no special tools.
  • Continuous flow without interruption during changeover.
  • Tapered valve plug for durability.
  • Drain connections on each basket chamber.
  • Spring handle holds basket on seat.
  • Mounting feet as required.
  • Large basket size holds sufficient solids for the required time between clean-outs. Top removal of a screen with a lifting handle.
  • Stainless steel construction provides excellent corrosion protection for rugged, long-lasting service.


MOC, Head
MOC, Body : SS 304
SS 304/ SS 316/ Carbon steel
Basket dimensions SS 316 mesh with supported SS perforated plate
Operating Pressure Test Pressure 2-5 bar
6 bar
Operating Temp 10 to 100 degrees C
Seal Material Silicon/ EPDM
Bypass Valve Optional
Drain Valve ½” steel ball valve
Vent Valve ½” steel ball valve
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals: Solvents, solutions, chemical filtration, acids, bases
  • Food & Beverage: bottled water, beers, wines, flavours, polishing, clarification
  • Health Care & Pharmaceuticals: Membrane filtration, opthalmics, oral medicines, serum
  • Industrial processes: clean water, removal of carbon
  • Paints & Coatings: paints, coatings
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Electronics: High purity water, photo resists
  • Cosmetics: Alcohols, creams, lotions, essential oils, mouthwashes

It is possible to design duplex housings as per customer requirements & specifications. Please contact customer service for custom housing.

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