high speed stirrer for paint

High Speed Stirrer

This type of machine consist of a motor of reputed make.

All contact parts will comprise of S.S 304 material. It will have a protecting cage with two 20 mm bar held apart by closing flat ring clamping on to the bar. The shaft will be coupled directly to the motor shaft. An extra bearing on the coupling sleeve will be provided to reduce the load on the motor bearing. lt will consist of an impeller of special design.


ABF 0.5 H.P ABF 5 H.P. ABF 20 H.P.
ABF 1 H.P. ABF 7.5 H.P. ABF 25 H.P.
ABF 2 H.P. ABF 10 H.P. ABF 30 H.P.
ABF 3 H.P. ABF 15 H.P. ABF 50 H.P.

stirrer, mixer, high speed disperser

A high-shear Stirrer mixer, or transports, one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible.

A rotor or impeller, together with a stationary component known as a stator, or an array of rotors and stators, is used either in a tank containing the solution to be mixed, or in a pipe through which the solution passes, to create shear. A high-shear mixer can be used to create emulsions, suspensions, lyosols (gas dispersed in liquid), and granular products. It is used in the adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries for emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion.