industrial agitator

Industrial Agitators

At Abster™ we offer our clients all the knowledge acquired over more than 10 years manufacturing industrial mixers, providing high quality equipment designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.

What is an industrial agitator?

Industrial mixers are rotating machines that are used to mix and homogenize two or more products with different or equal phases inside a tank, creating a flow between the liquids or between liquids and solids so as to obtain other products already mixed and homogenised for the following purposes.

Solid-liquid mixtures

Soluble powders: dissolution & homogenizing.
Non-soluble powders: maintaining in suspension, homogenizing & dispersion.

Liquid-liquid mixtures

Miscible liquids: maintaining in suspension, homogenizing & dilution.

Inmiscible liquids: emulsion.

Complex rheology of viscous mixtures
Maintaining in suspension, dissolution, homogenizing, dispersion, heat transfer & grinding

Every industrial mixer consists essentially of an engine, a reduction gearbox, a drive shaft, and a driving part designed according to the characteristics of the products and the needs of the mixture.

Agitators Range

The selection of the type of agitatoragitator to be used stems from the analysis of a certain number of parameters related to each process:

Type of mixing and position.

Axial flow rotors.
Radial flow rotors.
Mixed flow rotors.
Rotors for dispersion and emulsion.
Geometry of the tank (dimensions, type of assembly).
Rotation speed (related to the intensity of the mixing).
Mixing intensity (related to the speed of rotation).
Physical conditions imposed by the process (pressure and temperature).

The driving parts are classified according to the type of flow they produce, their pumping capacity, and their shear effect. The main rotors used are the following:

Tank agitators

The geometry of the tank and the type of assembly are determining factors in the design and sizing of each mixer. Depending on the type of assembly, industrial mixers are classified as follows:
Top-entry agitators
Vertical Agitator

High or low rotation speed.
Axial or radial flow propeller.
Dilution, dissolution, dispersion, homogenization, solids suspension and heat transfer.

Side-entry agitators
side-entry agitators

Low rotation speed.
Pusher or cartridge seal. Stuffing box.
Axial flow propeller.
Homogenization, storage and solids suspension.