Jacketed Kettle with Agitator

Jacketed Kettle with Agitator

Capacity 225 liters to 1500 liters
Usage/Application Industrial
Material Stainless Steel
Frame Material SS 304
Scrapper Teflon Scraper
Brand Abster


Suitable for heating/concentration of the product/liquid.


The product to be heated/concentrated is fed in the Kettle. The pan will be fitted with a slow speed stirrer. The stirrer consists of spring loaded Teflon scrappers ensuring that the scrapers are always in contact with the surface of the pan and hence eliminating chance of product charring. After heating the product can be discharged from the bottom with the help of a pump.

Jacketed Kettle with Agitator INCLUSIONS

Suitable for heating the product upto a particular temperature
Main jacket and steam jacket are both made in SS
The stirrer is fitted with Teflon scrappers for continuous scrapping of the inner surface of the kettle
Specially designed spring loaded scrappers are used to ensure that the product does not stick to the surface and get charred
Fitted with a geared motor to ensure slow speed of the stirrer
SS legs on which the kettle is mounted
SS structure for mounting the drive
The kettles will be fitted with all the necessary steam fittings like safety valve, pressure gauge, drain cork, steam inlet & outlet connection.
The following design options are available for the kettles:
Tilting type kettle
Kettle with stirrer
Tilting type kettle with stirrer