Jacketed Reactor

Jacketed Reactor

Jacketed Reactor Tank In Conventional Jackets second shell is installed over a portion of the vessel, creating an annular space within which cooling or heating medium flows. A simple conventional jacket, with no internal components, is generally very inefficient for heat transfer because the flow media has an extremely low velocity resulting in a low heat transfer coefficient. Condensing media, such as steam or Dowtherm A, is an exception because in this case the heat transfer coefficient doesn’t depend on velocity or turbulence, but instead is related to the surface area upon which the media condenses and the efficiency of removing condensate. Internals include baffles that direct flow in a spiral pattern around the jacket, and agitating nozzles that cause high turbulence at the point where the fluid is introduced into the jacket

Application & Process:

A wide range of jacketed vessel is a container that is projected for calculating the temperature ;of its inside, by using a cooling or heating “jacket” around the vessel from side to side which a cooling or heating fluid is extend.

In recognize jacketed pressure vessels; the option of a jacket regularly comes down to economy, weight and suppleness of the heating or cooling obligation. Heat transfer ability is another important deliberation when make a decision on which jacketed pressure vessel option best suits your needs. Each jacket option provides dissimilar reimbursement to the in general reason and appearance of the pressure vessel.

A jacket is a cavity external to the vessel that permits the consistent substitute of heat in the middle of the fluid circulates in it and the walls of the vessel. There are more than a few types of jackets, depending on the design. It can mostly use by Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Preparation Vessels, Reactor & Tank :

  • Function of Jacketed mixing Vessel to combine the manufactured goods and keep the temperature steady.
  • Jacketed mixing Vessel would be designed by cGMP standard (Built as per Good Engineering Practice and to comply)
  • All contact parts are SS 316 and Mild Steel non-contact parts.
  • Vertical, cylindrical with dished top &bottom, welded top dish, Leg/ Lugs support along with cooling /heating water jacket
  • Control Panel would be Flame proof working panel with mild steel powder coated (Non-Flame Proof) power panel.
  • Vessel Type would be Cylindrical vertical with welded top & bottom dish end with Non GMP Model.
  • Type of Agitator and Agitator Mounting would be Propeller type and Bottom entry respectively.
  • Surface finish of SS Internal Finish and SS External Finish would be Mirror 240 Grit and Matt 180 Grit respectively.
  • Working Volume would be 50ltr to 10,000ltr

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