Lab resin Plant

Lab Resin Plant

Pilot Plant
Tailor made plants to manufacture solvent and acrylic based resins are offered by us. Capacities range from 10 to 100 Ltrs./Batch.

his Pilot Resin Plant or say laboratory reactor is including: Reaction vessel, mixing system, vacuum system, condenser, separator, conduction oil preheating system, platform

complete reactor is made of stainless steel, all parts are polished mirrorlike and manufactured meticulously.

It is suitable to produce all kinds resin and adhesive in laboratory before mass production, it is the ideal equipment used in laboratory of chemical industry.

Equipped with all necessary functions, superior quality.

Model selection reference of reaction kettle

Composition Instructions
Specification (L) 5-200
Design Pressure (Mpa) Atmospheric Pressure or under pressure
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, graphite
Heating Forms Electrical heating with medium in jacket, external half coil steam heating, external half conduction oil heating, hot water infrared heating etc.
Cooling Forms Refrigeration medium in the internal pipe jacket
Blending Power Model selection is made according to material viscosity, liquid-solid ratio, liquid specific gravity, solid specific gravity, solid granularity, rotation speed, paddle type, with or without baffle or internal coil.
Stirring blade Forms Anchor type, frame type, flat paddle type, pitched paddle type, ribbon type, turbo type, pusher type and multiple compound type
Seal Mechanical seal or stuff packing seal
Inner Surface Treatment Polished or no polished
Discharge Valve Flanged ball valve, open downward discharge valve and others
Technological Pipe Hole Manhole, sight glass, distillation mouth, imported materials, pressure gauge port, temperature, mouth, mouth filling N2,

Technical Parameter

            ModelParameter Reactor Volume(L) Mixing speed (rpm) Heat exchange surface (m2) Separator(L) Total power(including heating power)(KW)
RP-10 10 0-84 0.5 5 6.37
RP-30 30 0.5 12 12.37
RP-50 50 1 15 18.55
RP-100 100 2 25 19.65
RP-150 150 2.5 30 26.2
   RP-200 200 3 50 33.5
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail.
This equipment is including: Reaction vessel, mixing system, vacuum system, condenser, separator, conduction oil preheating system, platform.
1.  Heating and cooling method: 1. Heating and cooling by jacket. 2. Heating by jacket and cooling by inner pipe coil.
2.  Type of electrical device: 1. Ex-proof type. 2. Normal type
3.   Electric cabinet control mode: 1. Touch-screen control. 2. Button control