Pigment Paint Paste Sigma Double Arm Blade Mixer Kneader Machine


Product Description

Sigma Mixers (Kneader) is modern heavy-duty mixer specially designed to produce uniform mixing and kneading of highly viscous materials. this consists two shafts of ‘Z’ shapes blades moving in opposite direction at different speeds. Also available in stainless steel construction also and the system is also provided with jacket arrangement for handling heating or cooling application. The mixing action also involves combination of shearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining of material processed between sigma blades and container walls that ensure optimum results. Process Operation  Material is loaded through the top of the container to typically 40 to 65 percent of the mixer’s total volumetric capacity. The rotation of the blades is through heavy duty drive systems typically consisting of a motor, gearbox, couplings, and gears. The tip speed of the sigma mixer is generally limited to 60 metres per minute. Mixing may be carried out at ambient temperature or under controlled temperature conditions. The mixer troughs can be provided with jackets for circulation of hot or cold media to maintain the required temperature conditions within the mixer. The discharge of the material from the mixer container is either by tilting of the mixer container. bottom discharge valve, or through an extruder / screw located in the lower portion between the two trough compartments. The mixer may be equipped with any one of these discharge arrangements.      The tilting discharge arrangement is most common. The tilting arrangement of the container may be designed for manual operation or may be mechanized using motorized or hydraulic arrangement.     Tilting Discharge For materials of lower viscosity, the bottom discharge valve may be provided on the mixer trough. The design profile of the valve should be flush with the mixer trough to avoid any dead or unmixed pockets of material).     Bottom Discharge The extruder/screw discharge has an advantage that materials can be directly discharged, extruded, in the required shape or size for further processing. In addition, the screw design eliminates operator exposure to hot materials if the mixing processes are carried out at high temperatures and/or with materials that are toxic in nature.  Unique Features   Salient Features      Sigma Mixer (Kneader) is a Batch Mixer     Mixing Trough and Blades are fabricated from Mild Steel / Stainless Steel.     Product contacting parts are ground, buffed or smooth and clean working.     Blades are designed to obtain thorough mixing of high viscosity materials.     Blades are machined on a leading edge to keep minimum equal gap between through walls and blades.     Heavy-duty gears are fitted to the blades.     Shaft sealing into the stuffing boxes is provided by Teflon Chevron Rings / PTFE breaded gland rope to prevent leaking from blade ends.     Guards / Grills and interlocking are provided for maximum safety.    Options Available with us:      Both GMP and Non- GMP Models     Discharge by tilting container / bottom sliding valves / bottom gates / flush bottom gate valves.     Tilting by hand liver / hand wheel with lead screw / electrical arrangements / hydraulic systems.     Lifting of lead either manually, with help of counter weights or hydraulically.     ‘Z’ Type Spiral blade / Naben / double naben blades to circulate hot / cold water in cases of heavy masses.     Jacketed shell for heating or cooling by steam, oil, water etc. with fibre glass insulation over the jacket.     Working facility with vacuum or pressure.     Spray system for liquid addition / gas purge.     Flame proof / Non-flame proof electrical controls.     Wireless remote-control operation for toxic materials.     Electric Flame Proof or Non-Flameproof motor/ Hydraulic drives.  Applications of Sigma Kneader      Adhesives     Biscuits doughs     Rubber     Carbon pastes     Ceramics     Chemicals     Crayon and pencil lead     Inks and pigment products     Explosives     Fiberglass resin doughs     Food and confectionery products     Gaskets and gland packings     Grinding wheel preparations     Hot-melts     Marzipan     Putties     Mastics     Metal powders     Moulding preparations     Pencil erasers     Pharmaceuticals     Plastics     Refractories     Sealing compounds     Silicone     Soaps and detergents     Solid propellants     Sugar pastes     Viscous rubber solutions     Chewing gum  Specification         Model    Capacity – Litres    Motor (H.P.)  Sr. No.    Working Capacity    Gross Capacity    General    Heavy Duty  1    LI-SM 50    50    80    5 H.P.    7.5 H.P.  2    LI-SM 75    75    110    7.5 H.P.    10 H.P.  3    LI-SM 100    100    150    10 H.P.    15 H.P.  4    LI-SM 150    150    200    15 H.P.    20 H.P.  5    LI-SM 200    200    300    20 H.P.    25 H.P.  6    LI-SM 400    400    550    30 H.P.    40 H.P.  7    LI-SM 500    500    750    40 H.P.    50 H.P.  8    LI-SM 750    750    1150    50 H.P.    60 H.P.  9    LI-SM 1000    1000    1500    60 H.P.    70 H.P.  10    LI-SM 1500    1500    2100    75 H.P.    80 H.P.  11    LI-SM 2000    2000    2600    80 H.P.    90 H.P.  12    LI-SM 3000    3000    3800    100 H.P.    120 H.P.   * Specification can be changed as per customers’ requirements