Project Description

Chocolate Coating Panning Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine
The Chocolate Coating Machine can coat Chocolate on Nuts, Dry Fruits, Dates, Coffee Bean, Crispies, Butterscotch balls, Marzipan balls, etc. This Sugar Coating Machine is ideally suited to produce 30-40 kgs per 8-hour shift.

Now, you can start your own Chocolate Business with our Chocolate Coating / Panning Machine. All types of Chocolate Nutties can easily be produced with the help of this machine.

The Chocolate Coating Panning Machine is crafted out of thick guage stainless steel (304 grade) and all the crucial components – motors, gear-box, etc. are supplied by world-class suppliers such as ABB, Siemens, Bonfiglioli, etc., ensuring that the machine gives years of trouble-free service.

The Coating Panning Machine is equipped with an Air Blower, which supplies ambient temperature air as well as hot air. An Electronic Temperature Controller cum Indicator ensures that the air is not too hot to melt the panned chocolate.

Features of the Chocolate Coating Machine :
1. Heavy-duty machine ideally suited to the needs of Chocolateries, Bakeries, Hoteliers, etc.
2. All Stainless Steel construction – thick guage and food-grade 304 grade Stainless Steel.
3. Food-grade Stainless steel Coating Bowl of 24 inches diameter can hold 12-15 kgs of nuts+chocolate.
3. Electronic Temperature Controller for making fine quality chocolates – both pure and compound.
4. All the crucial components – Motor, Gear box, Bearings, Switch-gear, etc. – are sourced from world-class suppliers like Bonfiglioli, NBC, ABB, Siemens, etc. to ensure long and trouble-free service.
5. Production capacity of 30-40 kgs/8 hours shift.

Technical Specifications:
Length: 57 cm x Depth:79 cm x Height : 106 mm
( with pipe fitting ht. Is 146 cm).
0.50 HP Motor and fit-and-forget Gear Box

Air Blower fitted with a 1 Kw Heater
Goods once sold will not take back or exchanged.

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