Rubber Adhesive Sigma Mixer



Adhesive Sigma Mixer Specification


Abster, 500 liters working capacity Sigma Mixer customized for Rubber Based Adhesive manufacture. The equipment is designed for easy handling and discharge of the process material, and maximizing recovery of solvent used in the process.  For Rubber Based Adhesives, we have the Tilting Model Sigma Mixer and the Customized Sigma Mixer with Bottom Discharge Valve with Pump for product discharge and recirculation.

Butyl Rubber Sigma Mixer


Rubber Adhesive Sigma Mixer

The  features of this sigma mixer are as under:

1.      Independent energy-efficient drive arrangement for front and rear blades making the mixer assembly compact, occupying less floor space.
2.      Product re-circulation, bottom discharge through a pump results in improvement of mix quality, reduction in solvent consumption due to minimal vapourization.
3. 360-degree cooling jackets ensure product temperature is maintained to minimize solvent losses.
4.      Variable frequency drive for front & rear blades results in optimization of mix cycle, reducing power consumption per batch and provides the flexibility of speed change.
5.      Static electricity pick-up from rotating shafts ensure safe operations.  6.      Optional condenser for solvent vapors can be mounted on the top of the mixer – there by brining about a reduction in solvent consumption  Our mixers are used for the manufacture of Medical and Surgical Tapes. The Mixers supplied have been in the capacity ranging from 300 Liter to 2500 Liter.

Butyl Rubber Sigma Mixer Sealant Chemical Sigma Kneader Acrylic Latex Sealant Double Z Blade Mixing Machine

Kneader mixer is widely used in high viscosity product, such as sealant, silicon rubber, glue, adhesive, dye, BMC, CMC etc.

Main Features:

1. Material: SS304 , SS316 or carbon steel can be choose
2. Type: normal type , vacuum type.
3. Function: can be cooling or heating ( electric heating, circulation oil heating or steam heating ).
4. Discharge way: hydraulic tilt , screw extruding , bottom valve.