Tray Dryer is available in a range 24 to 360 trays capacity. Tray Size of 32″ x 16″ x 1 1/4″. The heating is accomplished by Steam or Hot Air.

Cabinet :

Cabinet of the Tray dryer will be of 6/12/24/48/196 Trays capacity, made from MS angle frame of double wall construction lined internally with 18 SWG and externally 18 SWG MS sheet. The cavity formed in between double wall will be properly insulated with 60 mm thick Glass wool to prevent heat losses from dryer.

Doors :

Heavy duty airtight hinged doors made from 16 SWG MS sheet backed by 50 mm Glass wool on the inner side and ball catch locking arrangement together with 40 mm asbestos gasket rope ensure very sturdy construction of the dryer.

Air Circulation :

The uniform air circulation within the dryer will be carried by two Nos. of multi blade type MS fabricated fan mounted on externally on ball bearing pedestal and driven by 1 HP TEFC Electric motor. Air inlet and outlet dampers are provided on the top roof of the dryer cabinet.

Steam / Thermic Radiator :

Fins Tube Type Steam Radiator will be provided inside the oven. The radiator will be made of 14 SWG ERW tube with 26 SWGCRCA MS Fins at 6 FPI. The tube will be expanded after fining. The radiator will be tested at a pressure of 7 Kg/cm2 ( 100 PSI ) pneumatically.

Heaters :

Strip-type Heaters will be provided along the sides. The heaters are suitable to be operated on 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 Wire system.

Trolleys :

The structure for the heavy-duty Trolleys will be made from 40 mm MS angle and horizontal support will be of 25 mm angle. The design of trolley will be good enough for the proper hot air circulation. The trolley will be fitted with 2 Nos. castor wheel and 2 Nos. fixed wheel for the easy movement.

Control Panel :

Pre-wired Control Panel will be consisting of Digital Temp. Indicator, Contactor for motor, Over current relay, Fuses, Indicating lamp, Push buttons, Main isolator switch etc.

Painting :

The dryer will be spray painted with two coats of high temperature resistance Aluminum paint and the outside cabinet have one coat of Red oxide backed by hammer tone finished paint. Tray Dryer Energy Consumption Estimates

Details Required For Quotation

  • Tray Size : (400mm x 800 MM x 32 MM Is Our Standard Size)
  • Loading Capacity : 24 Trays / 48 Trays / 60 Trays / 120 Trays / 240 Trays 360 Trays Others
  • Temperature : 째C
  • Loading/Tray : KGS
  • Moisture : Inlet/Outlet
  • Type Of Heating : Steam/Hot Air Generator
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