bead mill for paint

Bead Mill

Bead Mill is a wet grinding mill, which can grind products into small particle size, like micron size, like nanometer size, it will solve all the ticklish problems in processing, like material fineness, temperature, output, pure color and metal contamination. has three types of bead mill, Disc type, Turbo type, Pin type horizontal bead mill.

Leading bead mill manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our experts have designed bead mills that reduce material size via wet milling. These are well suited designs for production applications used in food industry, paint, ink and coating, biotechnology, cosmetic, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Our clients count on us for highly reliable, high speed, low maintenance easy to operate Bead Mills with Enclosed Vessel. We offer a wide range in terms of friction welded sizes, designs resources, as well as new features introduced by our research and development arm. Vessel with jacket arrangements is provided as a standard feature. Their customer friendly and process specific features also make this equipment highly demanded in the market.

Working Principle Of Bead Mill

The direct grinding area of bead mill is grinding chamber, which contains agitator turned by rotating shaft(spindle). The chamber space is mostly filled with grinding media and the material leakage is prevented by the Large flange Double cartridge mechanical seal. The material is pumped into the chamber by feeding pump continuously.

Working Principle of Bead Mill

The energy for dispersion and grinding is transmitted to the grinding beads by the agitator. the agitator is driven by spindle and the original energy is powered by the torque of main motor.

Therefore,when main motor started,the beads would grind material in the form of extrusion,impact,shearing,friction,etc.

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