Chemical Stainless Steel High Pressure Mixing Jacket Reactor with Agitator

High Pressure Mixing Jacket Reactor
High Pressure Mixing Jacket Reactor

Chemical Industrial  Stainless Steel High Pressure Mixing jacket Reactor With Agitator

High Pressure Mixing jacket Reactor Chemical reactor is a new type of industrial production equipment, which can realize a series of physical and chemical reaction processes of materials, and is widely used in many production fields such as chemical, rubber, petroleum and food. A Chemical Reactors are process vessels used to carry out a chemical reaction.
The reaction kettle is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, agitator, heating jacket, supporting and driving devices, seal devices, and etc. and equipped with electric heating rods.We can design and manufacture products strictly according to users various process requirements.

Product name   Jacket Reactor with Agitator
Material SUS304, SUS316L stainless steel
Capacity customized
Heating Electric heater heating; Circulation oil heating; Steam heating etc
Application dairy products, beverage, and pharmaceutical factories.
Reactor / Reaction kettle / Reaction tank / Mixing tank / Blending tank
Product Description
The reactor consists of a vertical condenser, a horizontal condenser, a reaction kettle, a water storage device and a fractional column. It is special equipment for producing unsaturated polyester resin. Unsaturated polyester resin equipment has reasonable design and advanced technology. It is the most ideal unsaturated resin production line in the domestic market. Users can order from our company according to their annual production capacity and technical requirements.
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Application field

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyes, medicine, food, used to complete the curing, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation, and other process.


Including the paint mixer, powder mixer, grinding equipment, glue machine, production line, etc.


Product Parameters

Capacity 50L 100L 300L 500L 1000L 2000L 3000L 4000L 5000L 10000L
Motor Power (Kw) 1.1 1.5 4 4 5.5 7.5 7-11 11-15 15-18.5 30
Inner Material Stainless Steel 304/316
Outer Material Generally Carbon Steel (Can be customized all stainless steel)
Dimension (mm) L 800 900 1100 1200 1400 2000 2200 2600 2700 2100
W 800 900 1100 1200 1400 2000 2200 2600 2700 2100
H 1600 1700 2000 2000 2600 3200 3400 4000 4200 5000
Weight (Kg) 270 350 700 1000 1600 2100 2600 3200 4000 5000
Reactor Type Jacket electric heating reactor (water or oil) Steam heating reactor (steam) Outer coil reactor (water, oil and steam) Electric heating enamel reactor (water and oil) Harmonic kettle (oil)
Speed 63 rpm (with gear reducer)
Sealing Way Mechanical seals and packing seals
Stirring Way Generally frame type, 63 rpm (different speeds for different mixing methods)