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Dmc sigma mixer

z blade sigma mixer for dmc BMC compounding

This kind of Z-shaped blades are specially developed for BMC/DMC glass fiber composite material mixing,achieving perfect mixing effect compared with normal sigma blade kneader.

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Product description


This machine is Mesa Structure,horizontal and double

blades type,(Sigma “Z” blade),with jacket which can be added water for cooling.

All the Material which contact the product is SS304

The Kneading Pot through grinding and polishing near to the Mirror,Polish degree is 0.8

Dmc sigma mixer is special equipment to mix, knead, crush, disperse, polymerizing high viscosity material, with uniform mixing, without dead angle, high kneading efficiency feature.

1)It can be widely used in BMC/DMC,High viscosity Silicone Sealant, Silastic, Glass Cement,Chewing gum, Cellulose, Battery, Printing- ink, Dye, Resin, Plastic, Cosmetic, Pigment, Medicine Industry etc.

2)Material is mainly Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel.

3)Heating way with Steam Heating,Oil heating Electric heating.Water cooling system.

4)Discharging way is mainly Hydraulic Dumping valve,Ball Valve Discharge,Screw Extruder Discharge.

5)Three Main Type:Ordinary,Pressure Type,Vacuum Type.

6) different capacity :from Laboratory Scale to Mass Production.(2L-2000L)

DMC Sigma Mixer

sigma mixer/Z blades mixer/kneading machine/sigma kneader with double Z/Sigma Blades, is to be used for mixing and kneading of low-to high-viscosity products in many industries such as BMC/DMC, Chewing gum, candy/sugar paste, plasticize/silly putty, Hot melt adhesive , silicon compound, CMC/Cellulose, Electrode paste, carbon, pencil leads, soap, pigments, inks, plastic ect.
Machine structure:

Including kneading/mixing system, machine base, hydraulic system, transmission system, electric control system, heating system (optional), cooling system (optional), vacuum system (optional)

—- Discharge: Tilting discharging
Screw extruding discharging
Ball valve/bottom plate ( manual, electrical, pneumatic)
Tips: for BMC/DMC Application, normally discharging by tilting or screw extruding, actually tilting discharge is quite common in BMC/DMC.

—- Heating: electric heating, hot water heating, hot oil heating, steam heating
Tips: for BMC/DMC Application, heating is not required.

— Cooling: Z blades water cooling, mixing chamber with jacket for cooling purpose.
Tips: for BMC/DMC Application, cooling is not required.

—- Vacuum system: water-ring vacuum pump and buffer tank.

Tips: for BMC/DMC Application, vacuum is not required.

Technical Specification

Models Working Capacity Gross Capacity Main Motor Extruder Motor
SME50 50 Liters 80 Liters 7.5 H.P. 1.5 H.P.
SME75 75 Liters 110 Liters 10 H.P. 2 H.P.
SME100 100 Liters 150 Liters 15 H.P. 2 H.P.
SME150 150 Liters 200 Liters 20 H.P. 3 H.P.
SME200 200 Liters 300 Liters 25 H.P. 3 H.P.
SME400 400 Liters 550 Liters 40 H.P. 5 H.P.
SME500 500 Liters 750 Liters 50 H.P. 5 H.P.
SME750 750 Liters 1150 Liters 60 H.P. 5 H.P.
SME1000 1000 Liters 1500 Liters 70 H.P. 7.5 H.P.
SME1500 1500 Liters 2100 Liters 80 H.P. 7.5 H.P.
SME2000 2000 Liters 2600 Liters 90 H.P. 10 H.P.
SME3000 3000 Liters 3800 Liters 120 H.P. 10 H.P.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.