grease Manufacturing Kettle

Grease Kettels

Abster equipment is leading supplier of Grease Kettles Manufacture in India. We design, manufacture and supply Grease Kettles of various capacities from as small as 25 Kg capacity Laboratory Grease manufacturing Kettle to as large as 12 Metric Tonne (MT) capacity kettles for bulk production. Grease Kettles manufactured by us are used for production of a variety of greases from Lithium, Lithium Complex, Calcium, Calcium Complex, and many other Greases. Abster has manufactured, and supplied Grease Soap manufacturing Autoclaves i.e. Grease Pressure Kettles to grease manufacturers.

Pressure Kettles have greatly reduced our Clients manufacturing lead times while simultaneously improving the quality and yield of soap. Grease produced using soap manufactured in Pressure Kettle has lower content of soap per tonne of product, while improving the parameters of grease (compared to soap manufactured in open kettle) thereby realizing tremendous cost savings for our Clients.

Suitable for preparing greases. The Grease Kettles are fabricated out of boiler quality steel and fitted with 2 stage limpet coil for thermic fluid heating.The coils are duly insulated with glass wool and cladded with aluminum sheets.Inlet, outlet and drain fittings are provided on the coils. Temp gauges are provided on the coils and Kettle for monitoring the temp of the grease at different stages of the manufacturing process. The bottom is dished type and fitted with a flush bottom discharge valve and one drain valve ball type for sample removing, testing and checking. The agitator assembly consists of a duplex designed system where shafts fitted with agitators thoroughly blend the grease as well as move the entire mass. Scrapers are provided at the sides and bottom of the agitator assembly. The drive consists of a 3ph 415V electric motor coupled to a heavy duty gear box by couplings. The output shaft of the gear box is coupled to a stool housing complete with bearings, oil seals and Teflon rope. The entire drive assembly of Grease manufacturing kettel is mounted on a sturdy frame structure. The top opening is provided with a hinged type cover to facilitate charging of grease and to prevent splashing. The Grease Kettle is duly insulated with rock wool and cladded with GI sheets.

Grease Kettle designed for either steam or Thermic fluid heating for different capacities. Grease Kettles are typically fabricated from Carbon Steel (SA 516 Gr70) or Stainless Steel depending on application and budget stipulations.

Grease Kettles Design Features:

    • Designed, engineered and fabricated on Tailor made basis to suit individual customer’s specifications.
    • Kettles can be designed to work either at Atmospheric type or Autoclave type.
    • Supplied with Conventional double wall jacketed with multiple zones or Limpet Coil for efficient Heat Transfer to suit customers need and preference.
    • Double Motion Counter Rotating Agitator Stirrer Mechanism. The Anchor Stirrer Frame with Scrapers to prevent product build-up on kettle walls and facilitate heat transfer, while the Inner Pitched Paddle Blades rotate in the opposite direction to enable homogeneous Product mixing.
    • Fitted with Single Drive Unit with Spiral Bevel Gear or Two drives with individual Gear Motors.
    • Designed, manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII Division I.
    • Proven design and robust construction ensures cost effectiveness, low maintenance and dependable systems. This results in rapidly growing customer base of grease manufacturers in India and abroad.