High Speed Dissolver Mixer

High Speed Dissolver Mixer(HSD)


High Speed Dissolver Manufacturers

Abster is the leading High Speed Dissolver Manufacturers. We are working with a team of experienced experts who buckles down with the utilization of trend setting innovation to fabricate the adaptable scope of products.

Industrial High Speed Dispersers is an impelled dissipating development. Abster conveys incredibly top quality thing in less time and fundamentally less worth. The machine is assembling or so a run post and head check oblige with dissipating sharp edge is raised and brought somewhere around high speed Dispersers. Instrumentation fixing segments zone unit surrendered self-loping lock plan. High for prime speed disperse top segment protestor shaft with serrate shaper front line/shear plate is given.

High Speed Disperser Manufacturers

A disperser is a blender, which is utilized to quickly break separated pieces of fine materials. It consistently conveys and wets them in a fluid. The disperser is likewise utilized for dissolving solvent solids in a fluid. At ABSTER EQUIPMENT the trade name of Ambica Boiler and fabricator the leading High Speed Disperser Manufacturers, we fabricate and circulate a scope of High Speed Dispersers that are eminent for different subjective properties like elite, tough development, exact measurements and vitality effectiveness.

As one of the presumed makers, we make the whole scope of items utilizing present day instruments, procedures, techniques and with a group of prepared and expert designers. We make a solid effort to make and gracefully an adaptable scope of items. In this way, we can convey excellent items in less time and essentially less worth.

Our High Speed Disperser is made to suit Primers, Putty, Distempers, Exterior emulsions, Plastic paint , divider completes for Paint, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for blending, Dispersing, crushing. The items that we convey can manage variable paces and twist missing the mark on any concession inside the expense of proportion of the exercises. Our High speed disperser also used in GFRC manufacturing as GFRC mixer

Abster are truly outstanding and first implied High Speed Disperser Manufacturers fundamentally situated in geographic region. Tuyan Industries will in general work on premium quality High Speed Stirrer that domain unit made of supreme best quality materials which gracefully, long life and study connection thereto. These Dispersers will manage variable paces and twist missing the mark on any concession inside the expense or proportion of the exercises. This value amazing and high playing stirrer has set us among the five star High speed Dispersers makers in the market. The transcendent comprehensively used convincing gadget in dissipating is High speed Dispersers makers. The strategy of HSD is predicated on following data.

As a main producer, we ensure the items are anything but difficult to interchangeable; dismantle with various sizes, pounding circles. They are easy to clean, and accompany wide preparing range Digital revolution speed show. They guarantee stable activity and low clamor can be utilized endlessly for significant stretches.

The High Speed Disperser is the ideal alternative for snappy mixing, blending, scattering, shearing, homogenizing of fluids and semi solids. They can be utilized in different applications, including the accompanying:

Features of Our Products

  • The High Speed Disperser manufactured by us are suitable for Pigment, Paint, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink

  • They are perfect for mixing, Dispersing, grinding

  • They give you an excellent option for dispersion of Liquid and Liquid with solids

  • Starring Capacity Ranging from 50 litter to 1000 liters

  • Manual or Hydraulic Up and Down Arrangement Available

Usage and Applications

  • Construction industry

  • Ink industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Resin industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Cosmetic industry

  • Food industry

Abster High Speed Dissolver Mixer are specially designed for applications requiring well dispersed and homogenous product output. e.g. when powder needs to be well incorporated in the liquids.

Abster High Speed Disperser Brochure


  • Fine dispersion without “fish eye” and agglomerates problem.
  • Lifting system via hydraulic mechanism (if applicable)
  • Reduction of investment costs.
  • High usability with panel control (if applicable)

High Speed Disperser/Dissolver – Product Video

Product Portfolio

Model Power (hp)/rpm Impeller dia (mm) Capacity (H2O/liter)
HSD 110 10/1500 200 200
HSD 120 20/1500 250 500
HSD 130 30/1500 300 1000
HSD 140 40/1500 350 1500
HSD 150 50/1500 500 2000
HSD 160 60/1500 550 3000
HSD 175 75/1500 600 5000


Product Specifications

Drive Three phase, 380V/415V, 50/60Hz
Digital Inverter Sensor less Vector Control
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter
Material SS 304L wetted parts
Impeller Dissolver type



Explosion proof motor EEX D ll T4
Remote control stationfor ex-proof motor
Safety limit switch
Safety guide and cover
Stainless steel mobile jacketed tank
Pneumatic air lifting
Platform type HSD
Lifting 0-1800mm
Drum clamp
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