Hydraulic High Speed Disperser

The Hydraslic High Speed Disperser is an efficient and reliable dispersing and homogenizing equipment used for producing paints, inks, and other viscous products. It features a robust construction, high performance, and easy operation. This machine is designed for processing various materials such as pigments, fillers, resins, and additives. It is available with a variety of controls including hydraulic, mechanical, and computerized systems. The hydraulic high speed disperser provides quick product discharge, which minimizes material losses and ensures higher productivity. It also offers high shear rates, excellent uniformity, and efficient mixing. This machine can be used forboth batch and continuous production, and is suitable for small and medium scale production.

Hydraulic High Speed Disperser Working Principle

The hydraulic high speed dissolver is a kind of machine that is used to mix liquids solid and gasestogether in orderto obtain a homogeneous mixture. It is mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to mix and emulsify materials. It works by using a high speed rotating impeller to generate turbulence and mix the ingredients together. The impeller is powered by a hydraulic motor and this helps to create a high speed and intense mixing action. The impeller is adjustable to control the speed and the amount of turbulence generated. This helps to create a much more homogeneous mixture than is possible with conventional stirring methods. The high speed of the impeller also helps to reduce the time taken to mix and emulsify the materials.