Importance of Hot Air Tray Dryer and its Usage in Industries

A tray dryer is an industrial drying device used to dry a variety of materials. It consists of a large chamber with a number of shelves, or trays, on which the material is placed. Hot air is circulated through the chamber, heating the material and removing moisture. Tray dryers are used to dry a variety of materials, including chemicals, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

Tray dryers are ideal for materials that require a slow, even drying process, such as powders, pastes, and granules. They are also well suited for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures, since the air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber and can be kept at a low temperature. Tray dryers are also capable of handling a wide range of materials, from fine powders to large chunks.

The construction of a tray dryer is relatively simple. The unit consists of a cabinet-like enclosure, with a set of shelves or trays inside. The shelves are typically made of either metal or stainless steel. The dryer is heated by either a hot air blower or steam. The air is circulated through the chamber, heating the material and removing moisture.

Tray dryers can also be used in a wide range of industrial applications

Working Principle of Tray Dryer

A Hot Air Tray Dryer is a versatile device that can remove moisture and liquids from a variety of bulk solids. It works by recirculating hot air within a processing chamber. It is an energy-efficient method of drying a wide range of products. Abster Equipment range of Hot Air Tray Dryers comes in different sizes, from twelve to 192 trays. The units have safety gears that prevent accidental contact with the materials being dried.

Tray Dryers Remove Moisture

Tray dryers operate by circulating a continuous flow of heated air over a tray containing the material to be dried. The drying process is controlled to maintain uniform temperatures and air velocity over the material to be dried. The process typically involves stacking trays, usually square or rectangular, in a manner that allows airflow between them. A fan circulates the heated air through the system, which is dispersed uniformly by baffles. When the trays are filled, the heated air dries the materials in contact with the trays, and the moist air is continuously vented through the exhaust.

Hot Air Tray Dryer Use a Solitary Pass of Air

Hot air tray dryers are a common drying equipment that utilizes a solitary pass of air to dry a substance. The dryer is a chamber that contains trays that are loaded with the substance to be dried. Fresh air is introduced through an inlet and heated by heaters. Fans circulate this air to a rate of a few m/sec. The resulting turbulent air flow lowers the atmospheric partial vapor pressure and decreases the thickness of the air boundary layer. This process continues until the moisture content is at the desired level, and the trays are removed from the dryer.

Hot Air Tray Dryer can Dry a Wide Range of Materials

A hot air tray dryer is an industrial drying equipment that removes moisture from solids. Unlike other dryers, a tray dryer works on a batch mode, forcing heated air to pass through the solids. The air circulates evenly throughout the machine, drying the product in one or several batches at a time. This type of dryer is suitable for a variety of applications, including the dewatering of foodstuffs.

Tray Dryers are a Good Choice for Small-Scale Production

Tray dryers are great for drying a wide range of materials, from liquids to solids. They can also dry parts of a product, such as a paste. They have large working areas, a temperature controller, and uniform air circulation. Small-scale production operations can benefit from the convenience of a tray dryer.

Hot Air Tray Dryer are Available in a Variety of Materials

Tray dryers are a great solution for drying heat-sensitive materials. They work at low to intermediate temperatures and only expose a small percentage of solid particles. They are very efficient in terms of mass and heat transfer. Tray dryers do not over-dry lower trays and do not require considerable labour for loading and unloading. Therefore, they are ideal for high-volume production.

Tray Dryers are Insulated

A tray dryer is an efficient drying machine that is able to dry various types of materials, including plastic powders and chemicals. Its high-grade construction and controlled air circulation make it a great option for various industries. Typical uses for a tray dryer include the drying of electrodes, food, and chemical powders. The trays are made from SS sheets, and they have rounded corners and mirror finish on both the inside and outside.

The Bottom Line

There are several types of tray dryers on the market. Tray dryers are used to dry materials in batches that require a prolonged drying cycle, usually a few hours. They are designed to handle different base materials, such as food, pigments, and pharmaceuticals. They can also handle varying batch sizes without losing any material. The types of heating modes available on a tray dryer also depend on its type.


Tray Dryers are ideally suitable for drying chilies, spices, papads, potato chips, onions, fish, garlic, grapes, cashew nuts, confectionery, macaroni, wood etc. It is also for used for drying pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, granules, plastic granules etc. Heating is either by electric or steam or both combined. Various models are listed in this leaflet to suit customer requirements. Custom-built models can be quoted on request.