Every aspect of our everyday lives, which have been made easier by the millions of pieces of equipment we use today, has been inspired by the magnificent saying, “Curiosity is the path to invention.” Such innovations have shown that every cent invested was worthwhile. Today, both people and industry find it impossible to conceive a world without machines. One of the world economy’s most promising and thriving sectors is the pharmaceutical sector. It uses both human and mechanical labour to produce its output, with machines playing a significant part in this.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

The multi-purpose processor known as a rapid mixer granulator is made to operate well for the high-speed dispersion of ingredients such as dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulation, effervescence products, and melts pelletization. The foundation of tablet formulation is granulation method, which is of highest significance. One such typical process in the creation of solid dose medications is wet granulation. This process can be carried out in a mixer granulator.

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rapid mixer granulator

Double Cone Blender:

The double cone blender is another effective and useful piece of equipment used in the pharmaceutical sector for evenly and smoothly blending dry powders and granules. It delivers a gross volume homogeneity of about 35–70% and an effective volume of all stainless steel.

It has a minor impact on how medicinal granulated powders are combined in pharmaceutical facilities. Additionally, it guarantees full discharge and decreased retention. Through the use of several shear deflector plates, double cone blenders help to achieve great mixing efficiency.

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Following granulation, the process advances to the shape of tablets. A tablet press machine clearly has a role to play in this situation. The rotary tablet press machine is the most effective tool for activities requiring mass output. The number of functional stations positioned around the revolving turret, where its punches and dies are mounted, will affect the result and the yield.

Tablets may unquestionably be made in a variety of sizes with a tablet press machine depending on the needs. Using this apparatus, the constituent powder can be converted into tablet form. To make prescription tablets, these machines are primarily installed at pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical businesses depend on this machine and the tablet compressing technology.

The Bottom Line:

The aforementioned equipment is crucial for any pharmaceutical production process. The production of the tablets or medications involves a number of simultaneous mixing, granulating, and shaping procedures. The tablet press machine, quick mixer granulator, and double cone blender each complete their respective tasks.

None of these equipment can be overlooked because each one is equally important to the bulk manufacture of tablets and capsules. Each step is necessary, and the machines play a part in each one.