V Blender Machine

v blender

V form Powder Blenders square measure used for powder and granules combining, lubricating and mixing in Pharmaceutical, Pesticide, Ceramics, Chemical, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Food, Plastics and different Allied industries accessible five metric weight unit to ten,000 kegs with PLC , Plat form , Flameproof motor , PLC color bit screen base operative systems . V Blenders special designed form mixing instrumentality a pair of atomic number 29. ft. ,3, 5, 10, 15 cu. foot for little production unit and that we build most up to a thousand atomic number 29.ft. capacity. Every is V liquidizer created of sort 316 / 316L-stainless steel and is internally polished to a 240 grit sanitary end. The outside is polished to associate degree simply cleansed 150-grit end.

The product containers have ‘V” form that creates continuous split and recombines the fabric to offer a lot of tumbler and friction impact to the fabric for quick and homogenizing combining. It will perform homogeneously and blending of particles with speedy intermixing no matter variable specific gravities, dry combining of free flowing powders and granules requiring low cutting off force. The fabric is loaded into the ‘V” form liquidiser drum that tumbles the fabric within the instrumentation and unfolded. The V shape blending machine is achieved in five to fifteen minutes with higher homogeneity.

The “V” liquidizer is associate degree economical and versatile mixing machine for combination and lubrication method of dry powders homogeneously. Approximate 2 third of the quantity of the Blenders crammed to make sure correct combination. The “V” liquidizer offers best result for powders thanks to appropriate medium speed and “V” form of instrumentality. It will be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic merchandise etc.

We at Abster is producing for powder process industries specially planning as per UN agency, GMP, TGA and GMP norms and needs., specialized in Mixers, Blenders and Dryers in the main for prescribed drugs, API, Bulk medicine & Intermediates, Food process, Cosmetics and action industries, Pharmaceutical Formulation and Bulk medicine ,E.g. Sustain unleash, Enteric unleash Coating on tablets , Organic and Inorganic chemicals , Agrochemicals and fertilizers , Nutraceuticals’ and Biotech merchandise, Speciality chemicals , R & D Institutes and schools etc.

Salient Features:

  • ‘V’ form product instrumentation for Ideal dry mixer for lubrication of granules and blend mixture of multiple batches in to single batch.
  • Product instrumentation having discharge with valve and man hole.
  • Safety reeling provided for rotating space of product instrumentation.
  • Design is CGMP – Current sensible producing Practices compliance.
  • “A” sort rigid structure of the machine with 2 sides resting of product instrumentation.
  • All Product contact components AISI 316/ 316L & non-contact components AISI 304.
  • Available capability model in polygon liquidizer twenty five kilogram to 2500 kilogram batch size.
  • Electric controls panel with cycle time.
  • Enclosed rigid drive with gears box and motor.
  • Fixed baffles provided for lumps braking.
  • 2 Nos. Charging hole with hinged lid with seal for charging and clean up.

V blending machine styles square measure most frequently used for the intimate dry mixing of free flowing solids. The solids being mingling in these units will vary in bulk density and in proportion of the overall mixture. Materials being mingling square measure perpetually being split and intermixed because the shell rotates. Traditional cycle times square measure usually within the vary of quarter-hour, but is less counting on the issue of mixing. All Ross V-Blenders square measure furnished qualifier bars to allow DE agglomeration as required. Discharge is accomplished through an operated by hand valve. The valve is positioned 24” from the ground once within the bottom position. All units square measure given acceptable safety railings and fittingly interlocked safety interlocks. Stop-Start and E-Stop Push buttons square measure enclosed with all blenders.

The precise mixing of the fabric is should in many formulations and to get constant, nothing is higher than our V liquidizer. We have a tendency to as a manufacturer of the V liquidizer have developed a really effective style of the liquidizer that works on the principle of diffusion mixing. As apparent from the planning 2 v formed cylinders square measure joined at 75° to 90° angle, that each square measure mounted on the trunnions and thence will simply tumble throughout the blending operation.

The tumbling of this V formed cylinders boosts the quality of the every particle within and thence empowers the diffusing mixing of the fabric. The continual mixing leads to the homogenized and precise compounding of the fabric in barely quarter-hour of the time span. The mud free discharge of the fabric is feasible by aggregation bin or instrumentality just under the valve at very cheap.

In “V” liquidizer the powders comes from all sides thanks to the “V” form of the merchandise instrumentality, thus demand of rate is medium. Appropriate principally for powder & granules sort material. This sort of fabric gets decent continuous movement. Thanks to the “V” form of instrumentality, even medium movement can end in sensible quality of blending/lubrication of granules. Twin shell blenders are designed to mix solids to solids, or solids to liquids.

To prevent the cross contamination spanning its lifespan, all contact elements of this V liquidizer square measure made of the AISI 316 SS material, whereas non-contact elements square measure made of the AISI 304 SS. Other than, preciseness engineering as per cGMP international quality norms and specifications square measure the main focuses that we have a tendency to ne’er compromise and thence our array of the merchandise is totally perfect and economical for a really precise compounding of the free flowing material. This assortment of the V liquidizer is wide appreciated within the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic industries to induce the precise mixture of the fabric within the economical manner.

Global Blender Market

The market for blenders & mixers is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% to exceed $14 Billion by 2020. The blenders & mixers market is growing in accordance with the increasing consumption of the processed food & beverage products. The rise in demand from industries such as bakery, dairy, and beverages is driving this market. Rise in consumer spending on processed food products is also estimated to be the key driving factor for this market. Government initiatives to promote the different food ingredients and increasing trade of these commodities have complemented the overall growth of this industry.

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