Jacketed Mixing Vessel (double jacketed vessel) including jacketed steam boiler is uses for mixing liquid and slightly solid materials. Jacketed Mixer assembly equipped with series of paddles types blades, pitched or flat blade of appropriate shape. In Mixer two consecutive blades move in opposite direction which creates laminar thinning of the material and facilitates uniform mixing. Paddle type blades mounted on scrapping arms and welded to hollow shaft have independent drive. Bottom support to the shaft called pivot provided for firmness of shaft during rotations. Paddles mounted on internal shaft creates relative movement of the material. For discharge of material different types of valves can be offered as per user requirements.

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Abster is manufacturer of jacketed mixer and jacketed mixing tanks in India. Our range consist Standard Jacketed Mixer as well as Vacuum Rated Jacketed Vessel. We produce these vessels in capacity ranging from 10 liters Small Jacketed Mixer to 50000 liters Industrial Jacketed Mixer. Jacketed Mixing Vessel is having uses in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, ayurvedic, agriculture, paint, beverages and allied industries.


Application of Jacketed Mixing Vessel

Jacketed Mixing Vessel are uses for the production of below mentioned products:

  • Herbal Shampoo manufacturing
  • Liquid Soap manufacturing
  • Hand Wash manufacturing
  • Sanitizer manufacturing
  • Dish Wash manufacturing
  • Laundary Soap manufacturing
  • Emulsion manufacturing
  • Liquid Gel/Ultrasound Gel manufacturing
  • Syrup, Suspensions and Oral Liquid Gel manufacturing
  • Paint, Coating & Chemicals manufacturing

Salient Features of Jacketed Mixing Vessel

  • All contact parts made from Stainless Steel 304/316/316L materials.
  • Available in capacity ranging from 5 liters to 20000 liters.
  • Offered in Standard model and Vacuum rated model.
  • Jacket with heaters can be offered for heating arrangement.
  • Discharge height can be offered as per user requirements.
  • Castor wheel and handle provided for easy movement of equipment.
  • Heavy duty legs provide hence no need for foundation structure at user end.
  • Flush bottm ball valve can be offered optionally to minimize residual.
  • Standard as well as Flameproof/Explosion Proof motors can be offered.
  • Differenical RPM can be offered as per individual process requirements.
  • PLC system with Graphical User Interface can be offered optionally.

Technical Specification of Jacketed Mixing Vessel

Description Specification
Capacity 5 Liters to 50000 Liters
Power Supply 0.5 H. P. to 100 H. P.
Power Voltage 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 hertz
Gearbox Helical type / similar
Stirrer Type Pitch/Paddle/Hydofoil/Anchor type Stirrer
Stirrer MOC Stainless Steel 304/316/316L
Stirrer RPM Suitable RPM based on process requirements
Stirrer Mounting Orientation Top Mounted or Bottom Mounted
No. of blades Two
Shaft Diameter Suitable Diameter

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

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