Lab test scale 10 litre z blade mixer/sigma kneading machine


Kneader can be widely used in High viscosity, High elastic-plastic material’s mixing,kneading,crushing ,rejoining etc.

It with function of mixing uniformity,No dead angle,high kneading efficiency.

Main application:Chewing gum,Tooth paste,Plastic,Rubber,Silicone sealant,Dye,Color,Paint,Printing ink,Food Gum base.Carbon,High viscosity sealant,Glass glue,Silicone resin etc.


Main Type

Kneader mainly including Ordinal ,Pressure,Vacuum,High Temperature type.

According to material:Carbon steel Kneader,Stainless steel Kneader & Special material kneader.

Discharging way:Hydraulic Tilt dumping,Bottom valve discharging & Screw Extrusion discharge

According to capacity:2-3000 Ltr

According to different heating medium:Steam heating,Thermal oil heating & Electric heating.Cooling water to cool.