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IBC Mixer

IBC mixer manufacturer

new range of industrial agitators are designed for use with plastic transportable (IBC) containers. We supply a range of models suitable for a variety of applications including – blending light viscous liquid as well as re-suspension of settled solids and dissolution of powders.

IBC Mixer Applications

  • Chemical Industries
  • Dye stuffs & Pigments
  • Slurries
  • Paint & Varnish
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water treatment chemicals and flocculants
  • Cosmetics Industry


Designed for use on 1000 / 800 litre IBC containers with 150mm screw caps

Mixer Support

Lightweight stainless steel bridge which mounts directly onto the IBC frame and is secured in place with quick action toggle clamps.

Lifting Options

As standard the mixer is supplied with an eye bolt for lifting the mixer using a hoist, bolt on modules are also available for lifting the mixer using a fork lift truck.



  • 400 Volts 3ph 50Hz protection IP55, fited with Start / Stop push buttons and overload relays.
  • Connection to the unit is with a 4 pin, 16 amp plug / socket, a 10 metre steel wire armoured flex extension cable is available as an optional extra.
  • A safety interlock is integrated into the mixer support bridge and wired to the motor control.


Are fitted with a flow control valve and muffler.

Gear Drives

Factory filled with a synthetic food quality lubricant and sealed for life.

IBC Mixer Shaft and Impellers

The mixer shaft and impellers are manufactured in 316 stainless steel. High speed mixers are fitted with single or dual fixed impellers and low speed mixers with Folding Impellers.


  • HIBC – high speed direct drive IBC Mixer
  • LIBC – low speed gear drive IBC Mixers
  • Motors 0.37 – 1.5 kw electric or air
  • Special designs are also available for introducing powders or liquids into the IBC

Enquiries / Ordering

Please mention container type and size: volume and mixing duty together with viscosity and Specific gravity  when requesting a quotation or placing an order to enable our application engineers to confirm or propose a suitable IBC mixer selection.

Check List / Options

Drive Electric or Air Lifting Hoist Standard or Fork Lift Truck Extension 10 metre Steel wire armoured flex fitted with a plug and socket.


Mixer Sizing and Selection

The following tables provide a general selection guide. Our application engineers will be pleased to advise on mixers / agitators suitable for your specific application.

Mild to Medium Agitation – 100 Litre IBC
Viscosity Cp Mixer Model Drive Type
1.0 HIBC-37 Direct
350 HOBC-37 Gear
2500 LIBC-75
15000 LIBC-150
Vigorous Agitation – 1000 Litre IBC
Viscosity Cp Mixer Model Drive Type
1.0 HIBC-37 Gear
500 LIBC-75
2500 LIBC-150

  • IBC Mixers for Plastic Transportable Containers Brochure (English)

  • IBC Mixers for Plastic Transportable Containers Brochure (English)

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