stainless steel mixing vessel

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Our Stainless steel mixing tank with agitators , Flavored Mixing Tank , Electrical Heating Mixing Tank & Vessel are designed using highest grade raw materials, advanced machinery and technology and can efficiently help solve mixing challenges. Comprising a sturdy agitator for mixing and dispersing different materials, our offered liquid Mixing Tanks With Agitators help improve tank utilization, promote faster and homogeneous mixing of different chemicals and ingredients.

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Being a leading Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Manufacturer, we adhere to industry standards and follow seamless manufacturing processes to deliver a precision engineered range of stainless steel storage tanks. To ensure the smooth functioning of our storage tanks, we subject our mixing tanks to various quality tests during the manufacturing processes.

Storage Capacity 50 L TO 20,000 LITER
Tank Orientation Vertical
TYPE Bottom Dish End ,Top Flat End with Motor and Gear box , Inside Agitator for Mixing Material , Bottom discharge connection Vertical Leg Mounted
Usage/Application Mixing or Blending Material
Mixing Material Chemicals / Oils / Lubricant / Liquid Syrup / Sugar Syrup / Wax Melting /Engine Oil
Material Stainless Steel ,Mild Storage
Orientation Vertical Orientation
Tank Diameter As Per Your Requirement
Electric Heater Single Phase or Three Phase
Temperature Controller Automatic or PLC Operated
Mixing Speed (RPM) Variable , Speed Up And Down As Per Requirement
Finishing Type Matt Type ,Mirror Finishing
Heating and Cooling System YES


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Petro-chemical industry
  • Resins industry
  • Polymers industry
  • Coatings industry
  • Adhesives industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • General chemicals industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Herbal Extractor