V Blender, V Blender Machine, Y Blender

We are leading V blender manufacturer in Ahmedabad,  The V Blender, also known as the Y Blender, is a valuable piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors. Its popularity stems from its efficiency and short blending time, making it a widely used machine in the industry.

The V Blender, also referred to as the twin shell blender, is constructed with two hollow cylindrical containers that are interconnected at an angle ranging from 75 to 90 degrees. The blending process of the V Blender involves continuous separation and recombination of the material while it tumbles, leading to a thorough mixing as it falls randomly in the vessel. This repeated motion of converging and diverging enhances the frictional contact between the material and the vessel, resulting in a gentle and uniform blend.

This machine’s effectiveness makes it a go-to choice for manufacturing processes that require the precise mixing of different materials. The V Blender ensures that all components of the mixture are evenly distributed throughout the batch, leading to a consistent and high-quality product.

The ‘V’ Blender is a versatile and efficient blending machine that is ideal for the homogenous mixing and lubrication of dry powders. To ensure proper mixing, approximately two thirds of the blender’s volume is filled with powders. The ‘V’ Blender’s container shape and medium speed result in optimal powder blending and provide excellent results.

This blender can be used for a range of products, including pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, and cosmetics. Its ‘V’ shape design allows powders to come from all sides, making medium RPMs sufficient. The machine is best suited for powder and granule-type materials, as they receive continuous movement due to the ‘V’ shape of the container. Even with medium movement, the blending and lubrication of granules is of high quality due to the container’s design.

Overall, the ‘V’ Blender is a reliable and efficient machine that is suitable for a variety of industries and products.


Technical Specification : V Shape Blender Machine


MODEL Gross Cap in ltrs Working Cap in Ltrs DIMENSIONS – Length DIMENSIONS – Width DIMENSIONS – Height HP
25 50 30 1100 760 1375 1.5
50 100 55 1400 760 1575 2.0
100 200 110 1525 1000 2450 2.5
250 500 280 1850 1100 2770 7.5
500 1000 560 2000 1250 3800 10.0
1000 1850 1200 2300 1400 4200 15.0



V Shape Blending Machine Salient Features


    • The ‘V’ Blender is suitable for dry mixing of powdered products, making it a versatile machine for a variety of industries.


    • Loading and unloading materials is made easy with the blender’s user-friendly design.


    • Cleaning the machine is a simple process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


    • The blender is constructed with high-quality materials, including SS304/SS316 or SS316 L quality material for all contact parts, ensuring the safety and purity of the end product.


    • Its simple design requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for businesses.


    • The general structure and safety guards are made of mild steel and colored in the Standard Model, or made of SS304 and polished to a matt finish in the GMP Model, providing added durability and safety.


    • The ‘V’ shape container creates sufficient continuous movement to the granules, resulting in optimal mixing and lubrication.


    • The blender is designed with safety in mind, and maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of the unit.


    • The machine is equipped with a manual rotating facility and hand wheel for inching, providing flexibility and ease of use.



Other Option Available with V Blender Machine


    • The blender comes with a vacuum loading facility, allowing for easy and efficient material charging.


    • It is equipped with a flame-proof drive motor and starter, ensuring safe operation even in potentially hazardous environments.


    • For added safety and hygiene, the contact parts of the blender are made out of high-quality SS316 or SS316 L material instead of SS304.



Working Principle of V Cone Blender

The V shape blenders have long two corner of product container for more rubbing and tumbler effect to the material for fast and homogenizing mixing. It can perform homogenously dry mixing of free flowing powders, granules requiring low shearing force, Mixing and Blending of particles with rapid intermixing of particles irrespective of varying specific gravities. The material is loaded into the double cone blender drum. The double blender is tumbles the material in the container and spread out. The mixing is achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with better homogeneity.