Vibro Sifter is a revolving vibration sifting system designed to provide sorting, scale and scoring procedures for all applications in the medicinal, chemical, food and cement industries.

And so, when you need separating, scalping, and grading during processing, then this is the total equipment you require. The Vibro sifter process connected to a vibration sifting tool is designed to perform isolation, gradient and scalping duties.

Lab Vibro Sifter Machine

Based on the high efficiency and compact scale, the Lab Vibro Sifter Machine is ideal for the production of small quantities of pharmaceutical materials and the study of pharmacy schools, research & design laboratories.

It is intended on the ‘Gyratory Motion’ principle. The mixture is placed to the center of the screen and then travels along a spiral path to the periphery while the fine particles pass through it. consequently, the material being screened is applying mathematical apart and no follow – up is exerted to separate the grosser particles. The sieving is done gently and with very little abrasion.

This offers the three main functions both for dry and moist granulation in a number of applications.

Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, the usage of this system is often common in other industries.

Many of these companies cover, among others, the oil, cement, and food processing industries.

Main Uses of Vibro Sifter in Material Processing

Ideally, the principal purposes of the Vibro sieve tend to vary according to the usage. Also, this all depends on the nature and layout of the machine.

1.Sifting or Re bolting:

Basically, as the name suggests, this is one of the main implementations of this particular type of computing machine.


This is the other critical area where a check screen is placed for a check.

This inevitably requires extracting lumps or a broad variety of unwanted foreign objects from a more polished substance than the scalping film.

3.Proof sifting:

This is the final assurance of the consistency of the drug.

Therefore, in many sectors, this device gives a final review of the commodity after the whole production cycle has finished.

4.Screening or Grading:

It is also another critical application of the Vibro Sifter.

Screening or scoring simply implies the process of distinguishing an item by its actual dimension.

Advantages of Vibro sifter machine

  1. Compact, portable design.
  2. Guarantee minimal noise and high-speed service.
  3. Energy-efficient machinery.
  4. Utilizes a flameproof engine material.
  5. Built of high-grade stainless steel.
  6. Better ability to handle dust.
  7. There are other screen variations, such as double or triple.

A Vibro sifter is an effective machine that filters, separates or sieves materials to the necessary particle size for either direct usage or further processing. As you have shown, the machines use vibratory motion to shake the sieves to generate the desired result.

Machinery comes with a broad variety of styles and forms. However, you need to purchase high quality, efficient, and CGMP compliant equipment.

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