Vacuum Play Dough Sigma Kneader

1000l Vacuum Play Dough Sigma Kneader Z Blade Kneading Mixer

lab test scale 10 liter z blade mixer/sigma kneading machine

Hot Melt Adhesive Play Dough Clay Chewing Gum Kneading Machine Paste Silicone Rubber Sealant Sigma Kneader Mixer

Play dough kneader mixer machine 

1.Material: stainless steel 304/316l, and choose the best accessories suppliers.
2.Machine size: 3500mm*1900mm*2230mm
3.Machine Volume can be customized
4.Condition: Brand-new, 100% manufactured from Abster Factory.

5.Package:plastic cover, packed in shockproof  plywood boxes,or as request
(1) Easy to handle, operating the PLC system. and easy to clean/maintenance.
(2) Different stirring paddles to choose, Sigma/Z-shape/Fishtail/and cutter-blades
(3) Discharge way: Tank-tilting,pump-extruding, bottom manual/hydraulic open/ball-valve.
(4) Speed control: PLC system with inverter to control the paddle rotating speed as request.
(5) Motor and Reducer: Equipped with the known brand Siemens motor and Premium Reducer.
(6) Heating/Cooling/vacuum and Heavy duty system available as request.

(7) Function: Specially for shearing,squeezing,crushing,mixing and kneading powder/liquid viscous material.

1000 litre Sigma Mixer kneader Blender,

Play Dough Sigma Kneader Z Blade Kneading Mixer Specification

Full volume
Working volume
Hydraulic tilting
Main motor
37KW, equipped with Gear reducer & Inverter
Hydraulic motor
Rotate speed
Master blade: 0-33 RPM adjustable
Slave blade: 0-25 RPM adjustable
Mixing chamber: SUS304 & 10 mm steel plate; 
Heating jacket: carbon steel & 8 mm steel plate
Electric heater heating
Heating elements: 4KW * 9 pcs
Shaft seal
packing seal
4000 * 1850 * 1950 mm

≈4400 kgs

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Vacuum Play Dough Sigma Kneader Brief Introduction:

Double Sigma blade Mixer, it is a multi-functional equipment combining kneading, mixing, vulcanizing and polymerizing, specially to process high viscosity and elastoplastic materials.

Working Principle:

It’s working principle is the two “Σ” shape blade: One blade with higher speed usually 33 RPM, the other is slower about 25 RPM, using speed difference to generate a strong shearing force, making the mixture quickly be sheared and evenly mixed.

Structure Composition:

This is a ” Hydraulic tilt type”, that composed of: Kneading part ( double sigma blade + mixing chamber), Frame part, Hydraulic system (used for Discharging & Opening/Closing lid), Driving system (motor, gear reducer etc) and Electric control system.

Application Area:

It can be widely used in Silicone Resins, Sealant, Silicon rubber, Silica gel, Hot melt adhesive, BMC/CMC, Pigment paste, Thermal plastics, Bubble gum, dough, chewing gum,  soft candy, cheese, Toothpaste, Batteries, Glass cement etc

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